San Roque

Barrio Bravo, from revolt to oblivion.

As it happens with many places in Latin America, modernity bursts with everyday life, but in San Roque neighborhood, time goes by unhurried and tradition lingers. Known as “barrio bravo”, this town has been the birthplace of Quito uprisings and revolts for Spanish independence since 1719; the Revolution of the Neighborhoods of Quito initiated in 1765 form this spot, and its spirit of struggle is still standing. Nowadays, the memory of the neighborhood has been obscured by crime, micro trafficking, commerce and modernity. However, its inhabitant’s still resist to these changes, trying to keep the neighborhood alive: soccer games, traditional gambling games, traditional dishes, shared and community activities. In Latin America, a neighborhood is a space of identity, where the family nurtures within the neighborhood, which is sustained in dialogue and organization.