The 3×8 Behind the City

by Johis Alarcón / Edu León  


The 3×8 is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the colonial center of Quito. It is considered a border of the city, marking the end of the historical center and the start point of the southern area. Its transformation began many years ago, and now, the construction of the sub terrain metro line, and the expansion of the tourist zone, marked an intense process of gentrification in the area. The community of the 24 de Mayo neighborhood is heavily marked by the varied sociocultural classes that have settled there over time before and after these changes. The area has a wide social mobility subject to a complex stratification in cultural and commercial relationships; it holds varied social groups of different ethnicities and cultures, both, national (indigenous of the highlands, afro descendants, montubios, etc.) and international (Haitians, Colombians, Italians, African, Venezuelans, etc). The permanent relationships taking place the 24 de Mayo neighborhood are marked by the social exercise of the popular culture in a constant dispute over space, memory and oblivion.

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